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Friday, October 20, 2017

Audible Book Review: Breakthrough: The Great Martian War, Book 2 by Scott Washburn

This is a good sequel which brings the reader/listener into a tense battle for survival of the species.
Breakthrough: The Great Martian War, Book 2
By: Scott Washburn
Narrator: Ray Greenley
Length: 10 hrs and 27 mins
Series: Great Martian War, Book 2
Unabridged Audiobook
Release Date:01-11-17
Publisher: Winged Hussar Publishing
Genre: Alternate History, Sci Fi
My Rating: 4.25 of 5.0

Publisher's Summary
This is the second of the three-part series covering the opening salvo of the Great Martian Invasion. US forces recover from the initial shock of the Martian invasion of the Southwest and attempt to set up a defensive line along the Mississippi. The best minds in the US try to come up with ways to defeat the Martians using the little captured technology available to them. Meanwhile, President Roosevelt tries to rally world leaders to aid in stopping the invaders.
©2016 Scott Washburn (P)2017 Scott Washburn

I enjoyed coming back to these characters. The conflict continues between the Martians and the 1909-10 version of the US forces under the commander in chief, Theodore Roosevelt.

The Americans are improving their technology, but it is still not enough. They may have a few successful encounters but the battles are still being controlled by the Martians. The Martians target the transport systems (railroads) in order to limit the tanks and other equipment that the humans can bring to the fight.

The story follows the primary characters from book one, both US and Martian. Andrew Comstock has been promoted and is still working in the ordinance department to help develop improved weapons that can increase the American chances in the war. He travels from D.C. to Niagara Falls to observe Tesla testing the Martian lasers. Then he travels to Santa Fe where he is commanded to head a force in the field.

The young farm girl who survived the battle in book one has become a nurse who longs to fight the Martians up close and personal. She is very close to the front lines and involved in caring for physical and mental injuries inflicted upon prisoners who are rescued from the Martian home hold.

Qetjnegartis is a Martian warrior in the home hold who is fighting for his race. He has a “bud” (an infant) whom he is training as one of the replacement corps. The Martians have their own reasoned strategy as they fight for survival and, sadly and frighteningly, elimination of the human population.

Mr. Washburn writes a convincing and engaging plot. He has developed likeable characters, US and Martians. The story has good action and interesting social growth and interaction. I recommend this to fans of the original story (War of the Worlds) and those who enjoy engaging sci fi. I look forward to more in the series.

Audio Notes: Ray Greenley does a wonderful job with the narration. He provides strong, distinct voices and carries the action forward. The narration enhances the story for me.

I received this Audiobook from the narrator as a follow up to the first book. :-)

Martha's Bookshelf***Friday Pick Giveaway October 20, 2017

Happy Friday!
I am feeling better but still juggling files.
I did get to the newest box list up last week and gift cards were completed Thursday.
My clerk assistant has not been in office again as her grandmother passed this week. I will try to get the books out early next week. Thanks once more for being patient everyone!


US Entrants: Leave a comment and tell me WHICH BOOK you would like to get from the Friday Pick lists.
INTERNATIONAL: Leave a comment indicating "Gift Card" (see further comments near the end of the post.)

CUT OFF TIME IS THURSDAY NIGHTS AT 9:00 PM CENTRAL so I do not have to stay up too late to do the winner post! I will randomly pick two winners to announce Friday mornings with the next Pick post.

Thank you to all who entered the October 13 Pick. There was one automatic win this week. Automatic wins are those who requested the book four times without other people asking for that book during those weeks. There were no titles blocked.
AUTO: bn100 gets the Suzanne Brockman pair

to picked Winners from October 6 Pick:
ROBIN gets Magic: The Gathering ... [lucky first win :-)].
LINDA gets a GC..

All winners please fill in the Winner's Acceptance Form or email me to confirm your win, send your snail mail address information and let me know if you would like bookmarks - sensual, sexy or sweet bookmarks. {The form is new because Google changed their forms and the old one wasn't letting me print out the responses.}
 Fall bulletin board: Fall into the library and leaf through a good book.
I rarely go to the library but this is a lovely sentiment!
Image found at Pinterest.

New Book Group #75 September 29, 2017
To be listed on Saturday soon. (The Painted House is cassette tapes)
Rachel Lee: Snow in September and Ever Princess
JoAnn Ross: Legacy of Lies and Confessions
Aunt Erma's Cope Book
Morning Song
 The Trophy Wife 
The Painted House is cassette tapes
Something Special
Named of the Dragon
Whispers at Midnight
The Inquisitor
Secret Blessing

New Book Group #74 August 25, 2017

Suzanne Brockman: Flashpoint and Over the Edge
Lisa Gardner: Hide and The Survivor’s Club (spine wear)
Treasure Me by Robyn DeHart
Cold Blooded by Lisa Jackson
House of Dreams by Brenda Joyce (slight spine wear)
The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan
Surrender My Love by Johanna Lindsey (slight spine wear)
204 Rosewood Lane by Debbie Macomber
The Big Bad Wolf by James Patterson – Audio Cassettes
The Duchess Diaries by Barbara Dawson Smith
To Conquer a Highlander by Mary Wine
Cain by James Byron Huggins (Hardback)
The New Birth Order Book by Dr. Kevin Leman
Reader’s Digest Large Type: At First Sight by Nicholas Sparks and Consigned to Death by Jane K. Cleland

New Book Group #73 June 16, 2017
I was looking for Summer titles but that didn’t really work.
The Cowboy by Joan Johnston
A Dragon Prince by Mary Gillgannon
A Kiss Before Dawn by Kimberly Logan

New Book Group #72 May 12, 2017
Brenda Joyce: The Third Heiress and The Rival
Jayne Ann Krentz: Dangerous Affair and True Colors
Rainbow Mars by Larry Niven
Bound by Destiny by Rayka Mennen
The Fireman’s Fair by Josephine Humphreys (Hardcover

New Book Group #71 March 10, 2017
Mysteries and Thrillers
There Was A Little Girl by Ed McBain (Audio Cassettes)

New Book Group #70 January 27, 2017
Thought I’d share some romances for February:
Kissed by Shadows (Get Connected Romances) by Jane Feather
Love's Brazen Fire by Betina Krahn

New Book Group #69 November 18, 2016 -- All Gone

New Book Group #68 October 28, 2016
Plan of Attack by Dan Brown

New Book Group #67 September 9, 2016

(*Three more very old books from my Gothics box.)
*The Man in the Garden by Paule Mason (1969 - yellowed)

New Book Group #66 June 25, 2016
(I will post a picture later. *Four of these books are very old; pulled from a box of gothic novels I have had for many years. They may not be wanted by anyone and if so, I will donate elsewhere in time.)
*Maggie – Her Marriage by Taylor Caldwell (1953 very old, yellowed pages, some stain damage doesn't effect reading)
Fire Dancer by Ann Maxwell

New Book Group #65 April 29, 2016-- All Gone
The Champion by Heather Grothaus

New Book Group #64 March 4, 2016
First Things First by Stephen R. Covey- Audio Cassette

New Book Group #63 January 22, 2016 -- All Gone

New Book Group #62 November 6, 2015 -- All Gone

New Book Group #61 October 30, 2015 -- All Gone

New Book Group #60 September 18, 2015
A set of "haunting" tales and a few mysteries for October!

The Shadowing by Joan Overfield
Trilogy Of Mysteries Audio Book Shadow Prey, There Was A Little Girl, Smokescreen Audio Cassettes (NOT CDs)

New Book Group #59 July 31, 2015 -- All Gone

New Book Group #58 June 26, 2015 -- All Gone

New Book Group #57 May 1, 2015 -- All Gone

New Book Group #56 March 20, 2015
The Sweetheart Dance by Patti Ann Colt
Raintree Haunted by Linda Winstead Jones (spine creases)

New Book Group #55 February 5, 2015 -- All Gone

New Book Group #54 December 26, 2014 -- All Gone

BOX 4 2015 (reboxed from Boxes 47-53)
The Hidden Truth of Cytech's Randall Forty by Vickie Kennedy
Jezebel by Katherine Sutcliff
Undateable by Ellen Rakieten & Anne Coyle

BOX 3 2015 (reboxed from Boxes 39- 47)

Shetland Summer by Janet Lynnford
Breakfast in Bed by Sandra Brown - Audio Cassette Tapes (link is for mass media version)
Sweet Talking Man by Betina Krain

BOX 2 2015 (reboxed from Boxes 24- 38)

Thinner by Stephen King
Foundation (Foundation Novels) by Isaac Asimov
Magic: The Gathering Distant Planes, An Anthology
The Willful Widow by Valerie King (spine wear)
An Honorable Man by Rosemary Rogers (spine creases)
A Courtesans Guide to Getting Your Man by Susan Donovan and Celeste Bradley -- NOTE This book has dog bite damage; it is missing half back cover and the edges of pages in the back third of the book... it does not effect the text but I will understand if no one wants this one
The Trailsman: Texas Lead Slingers by Jon Sharpe
Anthology: Something Borrowed, Something Blue - this book has spine creases and minor water damage...I thought I had read it and liked it but now I realize it was another anthology I read with Elaine Barbier.

BOX #1 2015 (reboxed from Boxes 1- 23)

Alien Chronicles - The Crimson Claw by Deborah Chester
Ghost Writer (Shivers #3) by M.D. Spenser

If you saw the pictures posted of my bookshelves and boxes you know I do have lots of books! And that doesn't include the other eight or so boxes at my office!! And more books as I find deals too good to pass up! I am sharing my book bounty by these Friday Pick Giveaways.

I started Friday Pick on November 27, 2009 and in almost seven years I have posted 68 groups of 16 (1,088) books to find new homes! (as of November 4, 2016).

I am happy to say that so far about 2,008!+ books have found new homes! YAY. I have to update my print out to check the exact number sent out - a few were never claimed. I periodically update the lists - deleting those won. You can still go to the Friday Pick list link to see older posts and the older lists book pictures if you want!

Note rules here regarding international entries.
Because postage to overseas can be prohibitive I am willing to give a $5.00 book certificate to international winners - Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, ARe, TWRP, ClassAct Books, eTreasures, Desert Breeze, tell me where and I'll set it up. So for my overseas visitors your comment may indicate a smaller book and I'll check postage or note your choice of gift card.

I learned that The Book Depository does not ship to everywhere. The postage for some of the books to far away places runs between $7.00 and $10.00 and up. Since I would award $5.00 for The Book Depository to an international winner, as an alternative you may choose a smaller book and we will hope the postage will not exceed $6.00. If the postage is more, or if you want to pick a larger book and you are willing to pay any extra postage beyond the $6.00 I will work with you on that. This may not make a difference to many but if it helps one or two of you to give one of my books a home that will make me happy too. :o)

Repeating this helpful blog tip: You can right click on a link and you will be given the choice to open the link in a new window or tab so you do not navigate away from the screen you are on!! I use this all the time!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Book Review: Wild Justice by M.L. Buchman

I love the strong characters, and mix of action and romance that Mr. Buchman presents.
Wild Justice
by M.L. Buchman
File Size: 1402 KB
Print Length: 313 pages
Publisher: Buchman Bookworks, Inc. (October 17, 2017)
ASIN: B074319W2Y
Genre: Military, Romantic Suspense
My Rating: 4.25 of 5.0

The best counter-terrorism force on the planet.
• Elite Delta operator—explosives just make him grin •
• Top Intel Analyst for The Activity—thinks data is sexy•
The team must face their toughest mission yet: take down a massive human-trafficking ring and a corrupt Venezuelan spy agency—without leaving a trace.
Sofia and Duane.
In common: black sheep of extremely wealthy families, renegades against the status quo.
Differences: tactician vs. explosives expert, thinker vs. pure warrior.
Together: fight to keep their team alive, and their love.

This story opens with an intense sniper reconnaissance scene where Sofia and Duane meet in a sniper blind. She is a complete surprise to him, while she is expecting a team. Their acerbic banter is engaging from the get go. Sofia is an aloof, intel analyst who wanted to be on site when the special ops team arrives. She is impressed with Duane’s precision in preparation and execution of the take down.

Duane quickly observes that Sofia is smart, skilled and capable in addition to being stunning. His growing interest in her sort of blind sides him and the situation only gets worse as she remains with the team as they zip from one mission to another…to another. Then Sofia invites Duane home where they face another tense situation.

There is plenty of intense action in at least three settings that are well plotted and fast moving. I found the detailed description of Caracus very interesting. There is a good balance with the strong romance element. Duane and Sofia are passionate characters accustomed to their independence as revealed in their difficult family backgrounds. They move cautiously in spite of the obvious draw that escalates into an intense relationship without being overtly graphic. Their conflicted feelings begin to create difficulties in the team dynamics and have to be dealt with.

The author presents technical details on guns, boats and helicopters. This will either be interesting to the reader or can be skimmed after recognizing that it fits the characters. There is some profanity which for me is not necessary but can also be skimmed.

I am always confident that I will find an engaging story with strong romance in Mr. Buchman’s works. The story includes a battle against the terrors and evils of human trafficking. In an afterword the author encourages donations to the causes fighting those evils which is certainly commendable. I recommend this book and this author’s work to romance readers who like military elements and strong male and female characters.

I am pleased to have received this from the author for an honest review.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sunday Post October 15, 2017/It's Monday! What are You Reading? Plus Mailbox Monday October 16, 2017

I am linking with Sunday Post at Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

It's Monday! What Are You Reading now at The Book Date.
Thank you to Sheila for the years that she handled this meme.
Thank you to Kathryn for taking up the baton.
What Are You Reading, is where we gather to share what we have read this past week and what we plan to read this week. It is a great way to network with other bloggers, see some wonderful blogs, and put new titles on your reading list.

I continue to try to complete work projects every day. I was out half a day this week for a luncheon in Bay County and to view office space for our branch office. That of course meant I missed an afternoon to work. :-( Fortunately I am feeling better.

My reading/listening time was good. I finished three books: two ebooks and one audio. I am far along in the next ebook too. I posted three reviews, plus my usual memes.

I visited 30 blogs during the week including some brand new to me.
Shout out this week is for Delighted Reader which is a new to me full book blog I came upon recently.
Thank you to all the nice people who visit me.

These were last week's posts:
  • eNG: Book Review: Twelve Slays of Christmas by Jacqueline Frost ; Amateur Sleuth, Cozy Mystery, Woman Sleuth; my rating 4.25.
Finished Reading:
1. eBook/Kindle (NG)

Crown of Souls
by Ronie Kendig
I did enjoy this complex, Christian military suspense.
Received this through NetGalley (it released in September).
Click on book title for full description.

2. eBook/Kindle (Ladies Book Club - LBC)

A Matter of Character,
Sisters of Bethlehem Springs Series #3
by Robin Lee Hatcher
This is a very sweet read. I'll post a review and giveaway later this week.
Click on book title for full description.

3. Audible/MP3 (Narrator)

Breakthrough: The Great Martian War, Book 2
By: Scott Washburn
Narrator: Ray Greenley
Duration: 10 hrs and 27 mins
This is entertaining.
I received this Audiobook from the narrator.
Click on book title for full description.

Currently Reading:
1. eBook/Kindle (Author)

Wild Justice
by M.L. Buchman
I m 70% in this and love the characters.
I plan to complete this in time for the release date of 10/17.
Click on book title for full description.

2. Audio/MP3 (Author)

The Case of the Cursed Dodo
By: Jake G. Panda
Narrator: Michael McConnohie, J.W. Terry, Dave Mallow, Molly Brandenburg, Antoinette Attell, Ian Whitcomb, Barbara Watkins, Bobb Lynes
Duration: 2 hrs and 34 mins
This came in just in time for my post tonight.
And I was looking for a lighter audio to listen too.
I received this from the author, Jake!
Publisher's Summary
Listen up. If you're looking for trouble, you've found it. His name's Jake G. Panda and he's a wildlife investigator. This hard-boiled bear works at a flophouse for endangered critters called the Last Resort. He's the hotel snoop. The resident fuzz. It's his job to keep these unusual guests safe and outta harm's way.
This hilarious first installment of The Endangered Files is a wild and woolly mystery involving a missing guest, a green bird, and a bunch of double-crossing critters all hot on the trail of The Cursed Dodo. It's designed to introduce young listeners to the subject of endangered species in a fun and informative way.
So join this tough talking panda detective and a cast of endangered creatures on a globe-trotting audio adventure that will appeal to young and old alike.
©2014 Jake G. Panda (P)2017 Jake G. Panda

3. eBook/Kindle (iRead Tour)

The Fabergé Entanglement
by Lesley Meryn and Elle Brookes

This sounds like a good action/adventure/romance. I received this title through iRead Book Tours; my tour date 10/25.
Sabinne ‘Saber’ Darrieux’s father, the billionaire CEO of Frontenac Global Security has been kidnapped. His ransom is not cash in a numbered offshore account, or a briefcase of Bearer Bonds but something utterly unique, incredibly valuable, and until recently, hidden away from the world.
The kidnapper seems to know Saber very well, and knows that the next day, through her work as an elite translator she will be in the same location as the Object. She must steal the Object and deliver it to the kidnapper to ransom her father.
Adrian Steele, a British Intelligence agent has just come off of two harrowing missions. Upon returning to London for a well-earned rest, he learns that his friend and fellow agent, has been murdered in Moscow, but not before he made use of a unique Object as a mobile ‘drop site’ for the valuable intelligence he was carrying.
The drop site is traveling from Moscow to England. Steele insists on completing the mission to honor the death of his friend, Gerry Cornell.
At an ultra-chic quasi-diplomatic gathering in a mansion in Windsor, England, Saber and Steele meet and find themselves faced with a powerful, undeniable attraction. But at the moment, this compelling attraction is very inconvenient.
In reality they are at the mansion to check out the security arrangements — for their own reasons — to steal the Object, a Fabergé egg worth thirty million dollars. But who will get to the egg first?
Fabergé eggs are very famous for their unique surprises. Saber and Steele are about to be very surprised, indeed.
And when Saber clashes with Steele; more than sparks will explode!

2. Audible/MP3 (TBR)

Purity in Death: In Death, Book 15
Written by: J. D. Robb
Narrated by: Susan Ericksen
Length: 12 hrs and 44 mins
I realized I hadn't read any of this series yet this year so thought I would get at least one in.
Publisher's Summary
Louie Cogburn had spent three days holed up in his apartment, staring at his computer screen. His pounding headache was unbearable - like spikes drilling into his brain. And it was getting worse. Finally, when someone knocked at his door, Louie picked up a baseball bat, opened the door, and started swinging...
The first cop on the scene fired his stunner twice and Louie died instantly. Detective Eve Dallas has taken over the investigation, but there's nothing to explain the man's sudden rage or death. The only clue is a bizarre message left on his computer screen: Absolute Purity Achieved.
And when a second man dies under nearly identical circumstances, Dallas starts racking her brain for answers and for courage to face the impossible... that this might be a computer virus able to spread from machine to man....
©2013 J. D. Robb (P)2013 Brilliance Audio, Inc.

October 15, 2017 - I am back reading on track in the One Year Bible, and caught up to one day behind for the September reading. I have been reading along with my husband and others from our church. I hope to take more time this year, staying on the day and listening to the companion commentary online.

I completed three books and posted two reviews. That keeps me up to date.
I need to link current reviews to Goodreads, Amazon and Audible.

I am still at 12 NetGalley titles. Now one author titles in my queue, with a few requests I am considering.

We're working on two fiction books soon to add to eTreasure's NetGalley page.

Welcome to Mailbox Monday.
Mailbox Monday is a gathering place for readers to share the books that came into their house last week and explore great book blogs. This Meme started with Marcia at A Girl and Her Books (fka The Printed Page) and after a tour of hosts has returned to its permanent home at Mailbox Monday. Thanks to the ladies sharing hosting duties: Leslie of Under My Apple Tree, Serena of Savvy Verse & Wit and (yours truly).
Warning: Mailbox Monday can lead to envy, toppling TBR piles and humongous wish lists.
I received one ebook for review thatI forgot to list two weeks ago and an audio review that I just got.
I selected one Audible Daily Deal and bought one $.99 Kindle.
As usual, I picked up more free kindle titles as usual. (Note these are in my Amazon library, NOT on my Kindle until I download and transfer them.)

Are your mailbox and TBR piles blooming?

Review Titles
I received a book a week of so ago I forgot to list.
I received this title through iRead Book Tours; my tour date 10/25.

The Fabergé Entanglement
by Lesley Meryn and Elle Brookes

This sounds like a good action/adventure/romance.
"Fabergé eggs are very famous for their unique surprises. Saber and Steele are about to be very surprised, indeed.
And when Saber clashes with Steele; more than sparks will explode!"

The Case of the Cursed Dodo
By: Jake G. Panda
Narrator: Michael McConnohie, J.W. Terry, Dave Mallow, Molly Brandenburg, Antoinette Attell, Ian Whitcomb, Barbara Watkins, Bobb Lynes
I saw this last week at Carol's Notebook
and I selected it for Books That Caught Our Eye.
So I am pleased to get this.


I resisted the Audible Daily Deals until today:
10/15 DD $1.95
The Year of the Hare
By: Arto Paasilinna
Narrator: Simon Vance
Duration: 4 hrs and 36 mins

by Sheila Roberts
I saw this at Bookfan and decided to snag it at $.99


Here are some of the Free Kindle titles I picked up. (All of these may still be free):

Love Unlimited: Anthology
by Lizbeth Durano (Author), Bryana Beecham (Author), Samantha Bryant (Author), & 8 more 


The Girl With The Gun (Sydney Rye Book 8)
by Emily Kimelman

In The Service Of The Queen (The Gunsmith Book 1)
by C.K. Crigger 


and a few more:
Stars in the Grass by Ann Marie Stewart
Valley of the Shadow (Dakota Moons Book 1) by Stephanie Grace Whitson
False Cast: a small town murder mystery (Frank Bennett Adirondack Mountain Mystery Series Book 5) by S.W. Hubbard
Pasta, Pinot & Murder: A Food & Wine Cozy Mystery (Willa Friday Food & Wine Mystery Book 1) by Jamie Lee Scott

I added 59 free Kindle titles to my library this week. Titles found linked through Bookbub, Bookfun, Ereader News Today, Free Par-tay, Ignite Your Book, Inspired Reads, Pixel of Ink or Kindle ebooks.

Sunday Words of Encouragement October 15, 2017

We had a good Sunday School lesson with our substitute leader. We celebrated communion and the Pastor delivered his final Sermon on Tension. (After church we had a lovely congregational picnic.)

Accept the tension. Where there is tension, there is power. Tension brings us to a decision point.

If you have ever been to a Sleep Number store, you know that you test the bed. As you adjust the controls, there is a point where the body relaxes. It finds a comfort zone. There is a different point of comfort to suit different people. We each tend to find our own spot of comfort, rest, and safety.

But tension can bring opportunity. For the Christ follower, the comfort zone is the most dangerous place to be.

Soldiers who fought for freedom know part of natural tension. People at home remember the fight for freedom with celebrations and apple pie. But if we truly begin to forget the cost of freedom, God can kick us out of our comfort zones.

The Holy Spirit is the comforter, because we need comfort when we experience tension. Jesus sent the disciples out as lambs among wolves and told them to take nothing with them. Luke 10: 1-4. Would we go with nothing if He sent us? Jesus mission does not provide a comfort zone.

1 King 19:19-21 tells how Elijah went and found Elisha to train under him. Elisha killed his oxen and burned his plow, his former work implements, to destroy any backup plan as he stepped forward into God’s plan.

Positive tension is created when we become a Christ follower. As followers we are to do more than coming to church each Sunday.

Point: Power is not in the comfort zone. The power is in the tension created when we step out of the comfort zone.

Jesus adjures us to take up our cross daily and follow Him. Luke 9:23. It is a daily thing. When was the last time you took up cross?

Matthew 14 tells the story about Jesus walking on water and surprising the disciples in the boat. Peter was the only one who said, “call me out”. Stepping out of the boat most of us would immediately sink, but Peter stepped out and only began to sink after a few steps. There comes a time to get out of the boat instead of letting the work boat become a cruise ship.

Do you just talk about God or do you step out? The cross is no place of comfort.
Take up your cross, today and the next, and the next. God has power for you.
Lean into the tension; create the opportunity. Take the gospel out each day.

This song video fit with today's message.

Verses for Today:
Matthew 16:24-26 (NIV)
24 Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. 25 For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it. 26 What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?

Lord, help me to step out of the comfort zone and carry the cross for You each day.

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